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Designer Sofas in Singapore

Sofas in Singapore don’t come any better than the luxury collection at James Said. If you're looking for exceptional comfort, tasteful designs, and premium materials, then view our collection online.

A well-chosen sofa can tie a room together as well as being the perfect place to rest, relax and unwind. If you want quality then it really is worth investing in a luxury sofa from James Said....

Explore our most popular leather sofas, and to discover how comfortable they are in-person, visit one of our stores and be greeted by our friendly staff.

Luxurious & Comfortable Leather

It can often be difficult to source a quality leather sofa in Singapore. You may find the perfect colour, but the style and shape is all wrong.

Or perhaps you discover a sofa that looks perfect, but isn’t nearly as comfortable as you’d like.

And so often the ideal sofa comes with a price tag that is well beyond your budget.

So at James Said, we’ve worked to create a sofa collection that caters to all tastes. Whatever your style or budget, you’ll be sure to find a luxury sofa that enhances the look and feel of your home.

Elegant & Eclectic Designs

When you think of James Said sofas, picture opulence, elegance and luxury. With oversized cushions and softly curved arms, our entire designer sofa collection is created with comfort in mind.

If you enjoy the sumptuous feeling of velvet then you’ll be spoilt for choice. Velvet sofas are some of our bestsellers - because they look and feel truly luxurious.

If your style preference is deep sumptuous seating and tasteful subtle tones, then our luxury sofa collection is the perfect choice.

Real Luxury at Affordable Prices

Luxury sofas often come with a hefty price tag. If you’re searching for a designer sofa in Singapore then you’ll need to prepare to pay a high cost.

But at James Said, whilst our designer sofas represent the finest quality, their prices offer exceptional value for money.

Explore our collection and you’ll be pleased to find an array of luxury sofas and designer sofas at unbeatable prices.

Most Luxurious Sofas in Singapore

Found the most sumptuous sofa in Singapore? Now ready to deck out the rest of your home with luxury furniture to match? James Said is the perfect choice - as our collection blends style, quality and value.

Placing the perfect floor lamp or pendant next to your brand-new sofa will illuminate it in all its glory. Perfect for reading, resting and relaxing, these items pair perfectly and create an elegant lounge room or drawing room vibe.

Or why not place a sophisticated mirror on one of our side tables? Not only is it a convenient way to check your appearance, but also the perfect way to make your room appear bigger and brighter and more beautiful!

And of course don’t forget our collection of outdoor furniture. Relax inside on your brand new sofa and entertain outside for a garden party experience like no other!