Pendant Lights

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At James Said, we’re home to the leading selection of pendant lights in Singapore. A popular choice for interior designers and property owners, pendant lights deliver striking looks and beautiful ambient lighting.

Explore our collection to find the perfect pendant lighting, shop online and contact our helpful team with questions....

Illuminate Your Home

Well-chosen lights can transform any room and give your property a new lease on life. Pendant lighting is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an elegant and attention-grabbing interior.

Pendant lighting is classified as a lighting fixture with a single bulb suspended by a cord, chain or rod. They’re one of the most popular contemporary design features and a brilliant way to illuminate any room.

The benefits of pendant lighting are practically endless. Unlike standard bulbs that light the entire room, pendant lights create a more focussed effect, allowing you to illuminate a chosen area whilst the rest of the room enjoys a softer and more subtle look.

Modern pendant lighting can be used throughout your home - but it’s particularly effective in dining rooms, lounge rooms and bedrooms. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking to create effective mood lighting and an elegant style.

At James Said, we offer an extensive collection of designer pendant lights - representing the very best in style and quality. We believe leading modern pendant lighting is sleek, stylish and minimalist, whilst providing comfort and functionality for any family home.

If you’re searching for a carefully curated selection of the very best designer pendant lights in Singapore, then we welcome you to explore the James Said collection and shop online now.

Pendant Lights for Every Room

Some rooms in your homes are perfectly complemented by pendant lighting. If you’re searching for outstanding mood lighting, these lighting fixtures are a perfect choice.

Our dining table pendant lights are specifically designed to create well-lit eating areas. Providing the perfect amount of warm, inviting, ambient light, these dining table pendant lights complement long leisurely dinners with family and friends.

Bedroom pendant lights create indulgent and restful ambient lighting. To enjoy a good night's sleep and create a relaxing space that you love to spend time in, our bedroom pendant lights are the perfect addition.

Whatever area of your home you’re currently renovating, our pendant lights can bring rich ambience and atmosphere to any room.

Stunning Materials & Craftsmanship

Our pendant lights are crafted with a range of materials, so you’ll be able to explore our collection and find the perfect choice for your home.

AS part of this collection, an array of materials is important as they affect the type of light produced, and such, the mood of your space.

Rattan pendant lights create warm and natural light with soft earthy tones. Rattan is a naturally growing vine-like species that is used in wicker weaves.

They create a subtle and stylish look in various beautifully crafted shapes and styles. If you’re looking for a bespoke and handcrafted look, then our rattan pendant lights are a great choice.

Another bestseller is our collection of glass pendant lights. With elegant designs, outstanding creativity and captivating hanging bulbs, glass pendant lights perfectly suit modern and contemporary interiors.

Shop Pendant Lights Online

The best place to buy pendant lights in Singapore is at James Said. With our comprehensive collection, quality brands, and exquisite pendant lights, we make shopping for furniture easier than ever.

Every piece we stock represents outstanding quality and true luxury. We’ve spent years developing our brand - and have become known as the home of premium furniture in Singapore.

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Explore the James Said Collection

Once you’ve found the perfect pendant lighting, then why not pick an extra piece of furniture to go along with it.

James Said is the best place to buy furniture in Singapore because of our comprehensive collection available entirely online.

Enjoy a seamless shopping experience or visit us in-store to view our pendant lighting and exclusive furniture in person.

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Coffee tables and dining tables are the perfect spots to place your new pendant lighting. If you want to create elegant spaces for dining, entertaining and relaxing, these beautifully made tables are the only choice.

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