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Searching for beautiful outdoor furniture in Singapore? James Said helps families create the perfect gardens for relaxing, dining and playing.

From sofas to armchairs and dining tables, our collection represents leading designs and real luxury. Find the perfect outdoor furniture, shop online or visit us in-store, and contact our helpful team with questions....

Create the Perfect Garden Seating

A great garden will be a refuge from the world outside and provide an array of comfortable outdoor furniture and places for eating and drinking.

James Said is the first choice for outdoor furniture in Singapore because we offer the most comfortable and indulgent seating and outdoor balcony furniture.

Picture a lush, green space filled with sunlight, plants and plenty of comfortable outdoor furniture to rest, read and play with the kids.

It’s the perfect way to enhance the ambience of your home and create a beautiful space to spend time with family and entertain friends.

Whatever your interior design style and the look and feel of your garden, you’ll be sure to love our beautifully made outdoor furniture.

Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Top-quality garden seating and outdoor furniture offer a mix of comfort, style and durability. And at James Said, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

Our outdoor furniture not only looks beautiful but will stand the test of time and whether any storms for years to come.

Our comfortable boulevard outdoor furniture collections are some of our most popular pieces. And with luxury upholstery and cushions, you’ll enjoy super comfortable seating that you’ll love to spend time in.

Our outdoor seating and lounge sets are the last word in style and comfort, so whatever style of garden you have, our boulevard outdoor furniture will be the perfect addition.

Or, if you’re looking to furnish your balcony or decking, then explore our outdoor balcony furniture. These armchairs create a sophisticated look using black lacquer. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, you’ll be sure to love our outdoor balcony furniture.

Sleek Styles, Designs & Materials

If you’re looking to buy rattan outdoor furniture in Singapore, James Said offers an exceptional collection. Explore our outdoor furniture online or join us in-store to view our range in person.

Rattan outdoor furniture delivers a sleek and natural look for any outside space. Using wicker cane to create beautifully crafted armchairs and dining chairs are durable and water-resistant, meaning they’re perfect for the garden or veranda.

What to Add to Your Outdoor Furniture

James Said is home a bestselling collection of luxury furniture in Singapore - so once you’ve found the perfect outdoor furniture, then why not check out our huge range of furniture to match.

A well-decorated dining area can perfectly complement your garden veranda or balcony. Using mirrors, coffee tables and dining tables, you can create a beautiful dining space that blends seamlessly with your outdoor area.

If you’re looking to create extra ways to relax and unwind, then why not explore our collection of sofas and side tables. There’s nothing more enjoyable than opening up all your doors and windows on a sunny weekend and spending the day enjoying the fresh air.

A luxury sofa and beautiful dining space will be the perfect addition to your outdoor seating. Our collections are designed to match and pair perfectly.

When you choose to shop with James Said, you can always count on luxury, quality and a seamless shopping experience.